What We Do

We work to meet physical needs in hopes to meet spiritual needs… until every child is home.

Our Programs

Journey Bag

This is one of our key areas of focus here at Called to Care. Journey Bags make a real and positive change in our communities. Each bag contains gender and age-appropriate toiletries, a pillow, a blanket, a Bible, shoes, socks, underwear, and clothing. Get in touch with us today and see how you or your church or your business can lend a helping hand with this program by either volunteering or hosting a drive.

Case Manager Support

Love on Caseworkers is a monthly program in which Called to Care chapters recruit volunteers from throughout their county to serve all of their childcare agency staff members. Volunteers are able to select the month they would like to serve. We provide a headcount, date, time, and location of service.  Volunteers can be local businesses, churches, Sunday school classes, small groups, youth groups, community service clubs, individuals, families, women’s ministries, high school clubs, etc. (Ideas: flowers, cards, candy, cookies, lunch, coffee, gift cards, jewelry, etc.)

Visitation rooms are located within each childcare agency. These rooms are used daily as a space for biological families to meet and visit with the children who were removed from their home. All visits are supervised by an agency case manager. Called to Care is in the process of redesigning, redecorating, and refurnishing each of these rooms throughout our region. Most of the rooms are uninviting and dull in decor.  Our goal is to create a warm, playful, and comfortable environment for families and their children. All of the rooms include art with encouraging Bible verses and quotes.   

Relaxation rooms are a work in progress, designed with stressed and overworked case managers in mind. Called to Care is in the process of providing one of these rooms for each agency office in our region. These rooms will be a place for case managers to escape for a moment of rest and prayer while still at work. Rooms include plush rugs, low lighting, cozy seats, encouraging Bible verse art, devotionals, essential oil diffusers, and more.


Special events are our specialty! Called to Care also supports agency staff throughout the year by helping with: venues, guest speakers, holiday parties, gifts, food, decorations, and more.


Georgia Resilient, Youth-Centered, Stable, and Empowered (GA RYSE) Program is Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services Independent Living Program  (ILP).

Called to Care is proud to be a regional partner of GA RYSE. We host 12 training events a year for GA RYSE youth across South Georgia. We also host special events throughout the year around the holidays. Each event includes a free venue, guest speaker, theme, decorations, food, training materials, activities, games, giveaways, devotion, raffles, mentors, and more!

To ensure youth are stable, healthy, connected, employed, and educated.

To provide eligible youth with opportunities to successfully prepare for adulthood through appropriate referral resources and connections provided by community partners. For years, adolescents who left foster care have experienced significant challenges in successfully transitioning to adulthood. Georgia recognized that without appropriate services, planning and support, these youth demonstrated higher rates of homelessness, unemployment, poverty, delinquent or criminal behaviors, and dependence on various types of public assistance. In response to these identified transition challenges, Georgia implemented standards in support of Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (CFCIP) and Education Training Vouchers (ETV).


(Collaborating, Activating, and Re-Engaging)

CARE is collaborating with youth in foster care while activating and reengaging them in the everyday practice/work of the agency. CARE also collaborates and reengages youth through activities that will provide them with skills for their next phase of life. CARE is an extension of the GA RYSE Program by selecting 10 of those youth through a nomination and interview process to participate each year. 


Imagine leveraging your time and talents for Christ serving teens in foster care. Our Leverage Meetings are held virtually once or twice a month. All teens in foster care are invited to attend. Each meeting includes a theme, game or activity (supplies are mailed to teens in advance), and a devotional by a local youth pastor or volunteer. 

Has your family been considering foster care but not sure where to start? Did you know there are 15,000+ children currently in foster care in our state?

If you would like to learn more about foster care, please join us virtually for our Foster Care 101 Info Session the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm. The course is free and registration is simple. You will receive an overview of the foster care world, learn about various agencies, and hear stories of families who have chosen to foster.

One Fun Day

Are you a FOSTER FAMILY? Do you live close to Fitzgerald, GA? Have you registered for One Day, Fun Day on April 6th?

Register and get ready for a fun day – gifts, activities, lunch and more!

Would you like to SERVE foster families? Register to help bring the fun!

Foster families can register HERE.

Volunteers can register HERE.


There are so many ways to get involved.

Start by reading “25 Ways to Serve the Foster Care Community” to see how you can help right now.